The scrub cutting and mowing are useful for the maintenance of your garden and undergrowth. Those machine allows to beautify your terrain for a natural result. You will find here many advices for those works depending on your soil, your machine and the current season.


It is required to clear and mow the grass, either for aesthetic or accessibility reasons, or to clear a terrain which must be cleared. Effectively in most of the departments with high risks of fires, clearing is compulsory.


This machine enables you to maw the lawn, the tall grasses, the light, woody or matted brush. It hasn’t been designed to mow the too thick brush and shrubs. Adapted to middle and important surfaces, such as the holiday homes, where you go only once or twice a year.  One machine can clear then mow. For a better comfort during mowing, chose the multi-speed model. It allows the cleaning of poorly cared gardens. It goes where even a good mower will saturate. The main asset of the wheeled brushcutter compared to the carried brushcutter is its big cutting capacity. The cutting is so quicker and less tiring.Description : This machine is robust, durable, quite bulky and heavy, so all our models are self-propelled, the user walks and guides its movement, but does not push it. The speed can be set or adjustable. It is equipped with a strong 4-stroke heat engine and a versatile direct-driven cutting blade. The handlebar with control levers can be dismantled for the vehicle transportation. The models with a handlebar which can be offset enable to pass near obstacles without any risk of harming the hands. There is a removable part on the front of the blade housing, permitting to mow the vegetation without folding it. It can be adjusted in height directly from the handlebar. The front wheel(s) can be oriented in order to penetrate better the thick vegetation and offer(s) an increased maneuverability to the machine. You can proceed to complete rotations around trees and flower beds.

Operating recommendations :

Use both hands to guide the machine ahead.  A security lever stops immediately the engine when the user release the handlebar. A clutch lever activates the driving of the machine. The machine must be used on even grounds, on not too hilly or low sloping terrains.

  • Adjust the cutting height according to the terrain, to the desired result or on the vegetation thickness to cut.
  • Work in the same direction, start around the trees, flower beds and alongside the alleys. If a slope, work up and down but not crosswise.
  • Do not cut a humid grass after the morning dew or a rainfall, the grass will be slipping, and the yield won’t be optimal.
  • Make sure there is no obstacle, tree stumps, stones or branches under the brush, it could damage the blade.
  • Avoid wearing large clothes. Wear trousers to protect the legs, closed robust and non-slip shoes or boots. Wear protective gloves and glasses.


For the clearing of all kinds of terrains, meadows, groves or undergrowth. Designed to work on important surfaces and for intensive and long clearings, it is equipped with a strong engine capable of achieving the propulsion and clearing power.Description : The forest brushcutter is heavier, bulkier and very robust. The cutting system is offset from the engine. The propulsion of the machine is ensured by wide tractor type wheels. The blade housing at the front of the machine is sustained by thick skates such as the sledge’s ones, enabling the machine to go in the brush.

Operating recommendations : Use both hands to guide the machine ahead.  A security lever stops immediately the engine when the user release the handlebar.

An independent blade clutch must be activated to have the blade turn. So the wheel propulsion can be used without the blade turning, for a completely secure move of the machine.

There are several speeds to adapt to the vegetation thickness, and a reverse gear. One of the lever on the handlebar is to activate the forward gear and the lever on the other handlebar grip activates the reverse gear.

With this system, it is simpler and quicker to move forward the machine then move it back, without manipulation of gearbox levers. The maneuver is easy, you can cut brambles several meters high or very thick vegetation. For meadows mowing, a front wheel kit is available and replaces the skates (accessory sold separately). If the terrain is really stony, it is recommended to replace the blade by a chain kit in order to avoid the shocks on the blade (accessory sold separately).


Why scarify the lawn ? It helps aerating the lawn and removing the weed, moss and mowing residues, which deprive your lawn of water and oxygen, and so prevent it from developing. By scarifying the lawn, you will densify it, make it more resistant and greener.

How to scarify ? It is recommended to scarify twice a year, once in March when there is no more frost and then in autumn before the winter frosts, and when the weather is dry, but the soil a little humid so malleable. To start, mow your lawn at a 3cm height.

Adjust the scarifier : Our scarifier has working height setting wheels. The machine must be set to have the knives enter 2 to 4mm deep in the soil. If they enter more than 4mm, they could cut the roots of your lawn, so damage it instead of aerate it. The adjustment range goes up to 30mm, in order to compensate the wear of the knives over time and to keep scarifying at the same depth, and even to lengthen the knives lifetime.

Starting the scarification : We recommend to first scarify in the length, then crosswise in the width. It ensures the operation has been done on the whole surface, depending on the relief. Some of our models have a collection bag, some not. In any case, it is required to collect the plants residues expelled by the scarifier, and keep the lawn clear. You can mow quickly with a mower equipped with a collection bag. To finalize the scarifying operation and obtain a quicker result, reseed, then let the lawn grow without walking on it for some days.