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PUBERT has specialized in soil work for over 180 years. Technologies evolve but experience remains, and innovation is the key word to describe the PUBERT company. Faced with the renewal of gardening and the new perception of citizens for respect for the earth and biodiversity, it became necessary to develop the concept of a motorized machine that would allow to aerate and decompact the soil while preserving the biodiversity of the soils. Fairtill® is a unique kind of biocultivator, it combines performance, respect for biodiversity, soil fertility and ease of use. Designed in France and manufactured in our factory in Vendée, this tool is equipped with two counter-rotating helical claws powered by two electric motors powered by a 36 volt Lithium-ion battery. Imagined and adapted for professional uses (market gardening, gardening, creation of flower beds, etc…), Fairtill is to be put in all hands, from the most novice to the most passionate gardeners!



To enrich a range of products dedicated to weeding, Pubert imagines and designs a mechanical brush weeder for hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, paving stones…). This basic concept already exists on the market but it has shortcomings that the Pubert R&D office would like to erase. Based on an in-depth market study and on the foundations of the expectations of professional users (Municipal Agents, Technical Services Directorate, Landscapers, …) Pubert develops the HURON PRO weeder. This entirely mechanical equipment is the first to combine 3 technical innovations that will be the subject of international patents. First of all, it was necessary to greatly reduce the rotation speed of the brush in order to perfectly control the handling of the tool but above all to eliminate all projections for the safety of users and infrastructures. Then the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the brush directly on the handlebar allows optimal use when weeding is done under the constraint of a sidewalk or on a sloping roadway. And finally, the tilting of the brush obliquely to the right or left allows to always be in the best working configurations when moving on the road. The combination of these technical characteristics on a compact and light machine is a technological feat highly appreciated by demanding users.



Say goodbye to chemical products, make way for mechanical weeding! The COMANCHE weeder is designed for professionals or demanding users: public spaces, domains & castles, camping sites. It is adapted for paths, park avenues, cycle paths, pavements, cemeteries, playgrounds, bowling grounds, running tracks, private courtyards, etc. It offers an alternative to chemical weeding products and is designed for surfaces taken over by moss and weeds on areas of land up to 2000 m². It destroys the roots of weeds and works at a shallow depth which disturbs the soil structure as little as possible. The compact machine is accessible to all. It is effortless to drive and easy to handle with two wheels which pull the tool installed at the rear of the machine. It has a gearbox with reverse gear with steel pinions. Its handlebars are height-adjustable and can be offset sideways to avoid walking in the path of the machine for real user comfort. The weeding tool comprises four main elements: a roller, a sharpened 40 cm wide blade made of high-strength steel, an additional removable 10 cm blade and a rake...everything you need to make short work of those stubborn weeds naturally!



Waiting to be discovered: the Swiss knife of tillers! Say goodbye to difficult garden tasks with this small, versatile tiller and its accessories, designed to till small areas in vegetable plots or flowerbeds.
Weighing only 14 kg, it is one of the lightest combustion engine tools on the market. The transport handle and folding handlebars of the Pubert MICROTILLER enable you to carry it easily to the different areas you want to work on. Its ergonomics mean it is extremely easy to handle to effortlessly prepare all types of soil to a depth of 22 cm. With the numerous accessories available, it can be used for spring hoeing right through to the end of the summer to get rid of weeds, ridge your vegetables, dethatch your lawn or take care of other finishing work in your garden. Finally, to comply with the regulations and respect your neighbours and the environment, it has a quiet Pubert engine. Small but powerful!



The weeder that strikes fear into chemical products! The WEEDER model is designed to weed or maintain different types of soil: green spaces, market gardening, fruit-growing, vines and more.
It offers high performance, agility, durability, ease of use and productivity. It is sized to meet the new environmental constraints.
With its two or four rotary cutting heads mounted on a pivot point, it offers rapid, precise operation.
Moreover, it is very easy to use and install on all brushcutters, preferably the “back-pack” type, choosing the engine capacity according to the model: Mini 30 cc for the 2-head WEEDER and mini 50 cc for the 4-head WEEDER
For the best results, you are advised to insert the rotary heads into the soil before starting the accelerator.
The natural movement with the WEEDER is the same as with the usual hand-held tool you use for weeding or hoeing.
A must-have accessory for alternative weeding!


MESO, mechanical reversing

The MESO is without a doubt the ideal tool for gardeners. It is perfectly suited to small and medium-sized gardens. With this compact, light-weight tiller, preparing the soil of your vegetable plot will be effortlessly easy. The main innovation lies in the design of its reverse gear, automated by a mechanical gearbox with steel pinions, technology concentrated into a small design, with the reversing control on the handlebars. The MESO is equipped with tines which penetrate the soil to a depth of up to 29 cm. Its ergonomic handlebars are height-adjustable and can be offset sideways to avoid walking on the prepared soil for real user comfort. Lastly, the MESO can be used with accessories such as the ridger kit or the dethatching kit, perfect for lawn maintenance...getting it ready to stretch out on for relaxing naps in the sun.


ARO, the compact 2-in-1

The ARO tiller is the perfect compact 2+1 machine. Its patented high-tech “2 Forward + 1 Reverse” gearbox, with maximum torque at low rotation speeds, considerably reduces the effort needed on hard ground and eliminates jolts. In terms of safety, it is unparalleled on the market, with a reverse speed of less than 0.7 metres per second. Another major asset is its new clutch control, also patented, which requires no adjustment and no effort to hold the handle and keep it engaged while working the soil. Unequalled user comfort and incomparable price/performance, in particular thanks to the savings made on belts.



The respirator for lawns! The dethatcher is a useful garden tool to aerate the lawn. Its principle is based on the effective removal of moss and lichen thanks to a system of raking the lawn and scraping the ground. This machine enables you to maintain your lawn naturally. Used at least twice a year, in the autumn and spring on damp earth, it will enable you to prevent weed regrowth. On a technical level, the dethatcher comprises a roller equipped with teeth or prongs (like a comb). As they revolve at high speed, the prongs scratch the surface of the ground and remove the moss and thatch growing between the grass roots. Its spring-mounted steel prongs gently remove moss, lichen and leaves. By freeing space, the lawn will be able to spread out again and breath the fresh air!


VARIO, the versatile tiller at an affordable price

The VARIO tiller is a versatile machine designed for varied vegetable crops. It is convertible, with many accessories available for the different soil preparation jobs, including the 5’ plough kit. It is powerful, with maximum torque at low engine speed thanks to a patented latest generation 2+1 gearbox, allowing you to vary the rotation speed of the tool to adapt to different soil preparation work. At 35 rpm, you can break the ground, then switch to a high speed of over 160 rpm to create fine soil perfect for sowing your seeds.


TILLENCE, the first electric tiller

Are you a fan of electric tools? If so, you won’t be able to resist the advantages offered by the TILLENCE electric tiller. Its first strong point is its cost as compared to a model with a combustion engine, not to buy but with regard to consumption. No more need for petrol or maintenance thanks to its lead batteries. As regards the technical aspect, its excellent manoeuvrability appeals to users, as it can go backwards thanks to the control which reverses the direction of rotation. You will be impressed by its low noise level, meaning you can reign supreme over your vegetable plot even on a Sunday without disturbing the neighbours!


ECOMAX, the height of comfort with the electric starter

Press the button, ...vroom, vroom, your ECOMAX tiller fitted with the Easy Go system has just started up instantly thanks to its built-in electric starter. This tiller is designed for optimum user comfort. With handlebars which can be offset sideways, you can work at the bottom of hedges or fences, walking to the side of the machine’s path. Its folding wheel makes it extremely easy to transport outside the vegetable garden. Technical performance has not been forgotten. The 80 cm width of the tilling tool, offering increased tilling capacity, is a huge time-saver. And the partial replacement of the removable interchangeable blades is also possible. The ECOMAX tiller really is one of the must-haves of the Pubert innovations!



The perfect tiller for beginners! Nano is a high-performance tiller, perfect for beginners who want to buy a practical, easy-to-use machine. Preparing the soil and tending the garden will be easier and effortless with this practical entry-level product. This light-weight, easy-to-manoeuvre tiller can be used for small vegetable plots or between rows. It has forged steel tines which can be removed to reduce the working width and allow you to adapt to the size of the rows. It can prepare the soil to a depth of 24 cm with four-position height-adjustable handlebars to adapt to your size. The cleverly designed machine can be used with a variety of accessories, such as the dethatching kit, perfect to tend your lawn. Lastly, the Nano tiller is easy to transport, weighing only 27 kg, with its double transport wheel and folding handlebars allowing it to be easily loaded into the boot of a car. ...a great little toy for new gardeners!



Let us introduce the snow vampire, the VALTO snow blower. The robust, reliable, high-performance machines in the VALTO range are imposing but also surprisingly easy to use. They have a comprehensive level of equipment: electric starter, heated handles, special snow lights and a one-handed driving system. The machine is easy to drive, turning and circumvents obstacles easily thanks to specific driver assistance controls and X-trac tyres for optimum adhesion on slippery ground. On a technical level, the blades made of top-quality steel, the turbine and the double V-belt all contribute to the high level of technology boasted by this winter-weather tool.



Let your bedding breathe! AELAVIA is the ideal tool to improve bedding and facilitate farmers' work. Its principle is based on aerating bedding. This avian aerator breaks the crust on the bedding and brings dry material to the surface, improving the birds’ comfort and reducing injuries such as pododermatitis, injured flanks, etc. The main role of bedding used in farming is to make the birds comfortable. This machine is easy to handle, comfortable and effortless to use. Its interchangeable wheels mean it adapts to the thickness of the bedding to break the crust on the surface or deep down. It is fitted with a rear guard to control the material as it is thrown out. A guarantee of comfort for the farmer and the birds!



The marathon runner of the tiller world! The MAESTRO tiller is designed for use in difficult ground over very large areas. This heavy-duty tiller has a gearbox. It is practical, easy to transport with wheels fitted and the possibility to store the tines at the rear of the machine. The machine also has a disk clutch with a very long service life compared to a belt-driven system and reduced maintenance costs. Perfect to swallow up the kilometres in the vegetable plot!



Here we have a featherweight strimmer! The YUCCA wheeled strimmer is very light-weight and versatile. With it you will be able to mow brush and tall grass to three constant heights: 10, 50 or 75 mm. You can maintain you outdoor areas, working easily around trees and posts, on hard paths, along pavements, edges and walls. Designed for user comfort, it has a wide opening at the front of the cutting deck, a folding, height-adjustable handlebar to adapt the machine to your size and controls on the handlebar providing ease of use and less fatigue during your ground clearance work. Moreover, its 360° handling with differential effect enables effortless turning. The cleverly designed YUCCA strimmer adapts to all “difficult” spaces where a blade brushcutter would not be able to get through. Mind you don't stray onto your neighbour’s patch though!


ROTO 400

There will be no going back when you discover the ROTO 400 model. This rear-tine tiller, also known as a rotary tiller, offers flexible, effortless use, as it rests on and is propelled by its tractor-type wheels. Thanks to the helical shape of the blades and the high rotation speed of the tines (over 200 rpm), the soil is finely crumbled and the ground is ideal for direct planting or sowing (vegetable plot or lawn). This rotary tiller is a pleasure to use and enables prolonged work over vast areas at a constant depth without any effort on your part. All you have to do is put your best foot forward!



The TOUNDRA forest shredders are wheeled, making them real “all-terrain” models. They make light work of tall grass and brush on all types of ground. From meadows to undergrowth, they are suitable for areas of land up to 5,000 m². The seven forward speeds adapt to the density of the vegetation. The instantaneous reverse gear and its differential lock make it easier to extract the machine from brush, go round obstacles and cope with ruts.
The handlebars are height-adjustable to adapt the machine to your size and can be offset sideways to allow you to walk to the side of its working path to avoid knocking yourself on trees and allowing work at the foot of fences, walls or hedges. It has a professional shredding blade enabling it to cut through and destroy all plants. In terms of safety, the chain kit will be very handy to temporarily replace the blade. It will ensure safety on land with tree stumps and stones which could be obstacles for the blade. The “dead man” type handle on the handlebars ensures that the engine stops as soon as the handle is released. In conclusion, the TOUNDRA forest brushcutter is a semi-professional machine combining a comprehensive set of equipment with the advantages of a professional machine, so who’s the PRO now?



The Pubert® KAORI shredder is the “tough guy” of the bunch for various shredding work. It is designed for demanding users and professional or semi-professional use, but also for wood enthusiasts. It is used to transform branches, twigs, shrubs, etc. into wood chips and RCW, and to reuse them for mulch or compost. Designed for branches less than 7 cm in diameter, its patented double-cutting system is composed of an inertia rotor with two blades and a grinding system with six free-swinging hammers. This system facilitates ejection via its chute system positioned high up, allowing the chips to be emptied directly into a trailer or wheelbarrow and stored. The loading chute is mounted on a pivot and it has a belt-type drive for better engine protection and much easier maintenance. The KAORI Pubert branch shredder is an efficient, effective tool made in France.



Sturdy, efficient and safe, the OZIGO electric wood saw is the ideal model to cut your firewood. Its large cutting capacity can cut two to four cubic metres of wood per hour with logs up to 23 cm in diameter. For safety, the blade is enclosed and the motor shuts down in less than 10 seconds if the machine unexpectedly stops (e.g. power cut) thanks to the motor brake fitted as standard. The operator therefore keeps their hands on the handles at all times when cutting. When you need to move, the two handles allow it to be wheeled like a wheelbarrow to make life easy. The machine can be set to the required cutting length using the measuring gauge for optimum ease of use. Being electric makes it perfectly adapted to stop-start cutting cycles, avoiding fuel consumption and engine maintenance. Come on, just a little bit more effort, then you can relax and enjoy the result!



The convertible tiller for expert gardeners! Suitable for all the work in a vegetable plot, this convertible tiller has a professional aluminium transmission with steel reinforcement and an integrated two-speed gearbox plus reverse.
The ideal companion for professionals and demanding amateurs, this QUATRO JUNIOR model can be used with different accessories for tilling (hoeing), ploughing and ridging, plus other accessories according to need.
The helical shape of the tines enables them to cut into the soil efficiently. Your adjacent crops are also protected by its plant-protection disks. This tiller can prepare soil to a depth of 33 cm over a maximum width of 90 cm. It has a two-position adjustable drag bar (hard or soft ground).
The elliptical shape of the handlebars makes the tiller easier to grip during operation. The handlebars are height adjustable to adapt to your size, and can be offset sideways to allow you to walk to the side of the tiller to avoid treading on the prepared soil. Ploughing is possible using an optional 6’ reversible plough kit. A tiller which reflects Pubert performance!



Give your lawn a new lease of life! The OSCAR PRO scarifier is designed for professionals or demanding users looking for robust products. This scarifier aerates and regenerates your lawn, eating up the distances effortlessly and never getting tired. Its robust welded housing is made of thick, high-strength steel and is mounted on wheels with metal bearings and hubs designed for heavy and repeated use. The rotor, fitted with 28 free-swinging blades and mounted on cast iron bearings with greasers, offers excellent performance and is lowered into the soil with an independent lever. A knob is used to adjust the working depth from 0 to 1.5 cm. The folding handlebar facilitates transport and storage and is adjustable to adapt to different users. The Pubert OSCAR PRO scarifier is made in France and offers unparalleled durability, regardless of the terrain. Listen, your lawn is crying out for it!



Whether your soil is compact or sandy, the key strength of the ELITE DEP tiller, with its pneumatic clutch, is its ease of use. The hand-grips with the convenient button controls and the gentle, progressive pneumatic clutch system make it a real pleasure to use. The effort and strain required are considerably reduced and you will appreciate the lack of jolts when the tool engages. This feeling continues during tilling, as the helical shape of the blades enables the tines to cut into the soil efficiently. It also has a two-position adjustable drag bar (hard or soft ground). Finally, its patented Pubert pneumatic technology increases the service life of the belt and reduces maintenance costs.



Long grass had better watch out! The XPLORER wheeled brushcutter is very easy to use and makes short work of grass up to 50 cm high. Designed for the general public, the brushcutter helps to make light work of maintaining thin and thorny undergrowth on areas of land up to 2000 m². The comfortable handlebars have two height positions, and can be removed without tools. This high-performance mower-brushcutter has a mulching type blade which chops the grass perfectly. It is mounted directly on the drive shaft with a third safety bearing ensuring the engine is completely protected against shocks. Its 51 cm cutting deck also has are movable front hatch. Its two front wheels can swivel or be locked, depending on the slope, and it adapts to all types of terrain thanks to the cutting height, which is adjustable from the handlebars. Its two large rear wheels have a differential effect (3/4 rotations), making it exceptionally easy to handle. Lastly, this brushcutter takes care of your safety with a “dead man” type handle on the handlebars, ensuring that the engine stops as soon as the handle is released. This little gem is, of course, designed and made in our factories in you have no more excuses for not maintaining your land.