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You just bought a snow thrower produced by Pubert. Our machines have been designed to be reliable and durable. Like any mechanical system, your machine needs to be maintained regularly in order to enable the best use, the longer possible.

Our distribution network can answer your needs for the maintenance of your material.

Utilisation d'une fraise à neige Pubert pour le déneigement


Most of our dealers will have the machine prepared for your immediate use in the garden. If this is not the case, the machine is sold with an operation manual. You will find a chapter on the assembly and the starting. Please follow it rigorously to start in the best conditions. IMPORTANT : Once the machine is assembled, proceed to the oiling of the engine: oil type and quantity are specified in the manual. After these steps, you can fill the fuel tank and start the machine.


A regular and systematic maintenance after each use of your snow shredder will not take much time and will ensure comfort and security for the next use. For more complex interventions, such as engine or auger angular gearbox, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

Cleaning: For better security conditions, place the machine on clear level ground. Wait for the exhaust pipe to cool, close the fuel valve then disconnect the spark plug. Remove the ignition key.

Flush the auger and turbine with water. Do not use high pressure water. Clean the rest of the machine with a cloth. Check the auger safety pins. When you fill the machine with fuel, make sure no snow enters the tank.


Level checking: it is important to check the engine oil level before each use. To do so, place the machine on even ground. The engine support must be horizontal. Unscrew the cap, take it out and wipe the gauge. The checking is done by putting the cap at its place without screwing. Read on the gauge the oil level, which must be between the low and high level, inside the hatched area. The level must always be correct. If not, add oil for 4-stroke engine: be careful on the oil type, please see engine manual.

Draining: the first draining must be done after 5 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first. Then we recommend every 50 hours or 3 years, whichever comes first. Check the terms table in the engine manual.

For this operation, you must make an appointment at your dealer’s.


Check regularly the pressure and re-inflate if needed.


The machine has one or more cables, depending on the model. They operate the controls. Checking and adjustment are important for the best optimization of the levers action. There is an adjusting bolt on each cable. Follow the checking and adjustment instructions indicated the manual or contact your dealer. If you need to fold the handlebar, make sure you do not stretch or trap the cables.


After the last winter job, it is important to respect the instructions in order to start the machine again in the best conditions at the first snow the following year.

  • Clean completely the machine. Control the working tools.
  • Check the auger safety pins. Replace them if needed, with original parts. Effectively parts are calibrated specifically for the model of your machine.
  • Empty the fuel tank. Let the engine run until it runs out of fuel to drain the whole fuel system. In order to avoid any problem at starting due to the soiling of the carburetor by a deteriorated fuel, you can use a ready for use fuel, available in shops: this alkylated fuel contains less harmful products and avoids the scrubbing of the carburetor.
  • Grease the auger shaft with the 4 lubricators.
  • Grease the discharge chute mechanisms: the lateral rotation surface and the height adjustment slide.
  • Grease the handlebar joysticks pivots.
  • Grease the wheel axles.
  • Check that every nuts and screws are well tightened.
  • The machine must be stored in a dry and ventilated area.


There may be one or several cables on the machine, depending on the model you own. They are used to operate the controls. Checking and adjusting the cables is important to ensure optimum lever action. There is an adjustment cylinder on each cable.

Follow the inspection instructions and adjustment procedures described in the user manual, or ask your dealer for advice.


Follow the instructions below once a year, or if your machine is not used for an extended period.

  • Thoroughly clean the machine. Inspect the blade, and sharpen or replace it if necessary.
  • Empty the petrol tank. Leave the engine running until it runs out of petrol to purge the entire fuel circuit. To avoid any problems starting up due to the carburettor being clogged with degraded petrol, you can buy ready-to-use petrol in the shops. This alkylate petrol contains fewer harmful products than standard petrol and avoids gum building up in the carburettor.
  • Check that all the nuts and screws are properly tightened.
  • Grease the pins of the swivelling wheels at the front of the brushcutter.
  • Store the machine in a dry, well-ventilated place.